As you contemplate moving to Australia you’re probably wondering what life in Australia is like. There are likely to be some aspects of living in Australia that are different to life in other parts of the world. Read the following articles for great advice on everything from the different regions of Australia, to the Australian education system, and case studies of people who have successfully made the move to Australia. If you have any suggestions for information about other aspects of living in Australia that you’d like to see here, please contact us – we’d love to hear from you.

Education and Training : The Australian education system is sophisticated in both the private and public sectors. Read on to find out more about education in Australia.

Health and Insurance : Isn’t it exciting? You have your Australian visa and you’ll soon be on your way. But, what about health insurance for you and your family?

Life in Australia : Australia’s not a place where you stand on the sidelines and simply watch – there is so much on offer for you to see, do, and experience.

Open a bank account : Opening an Australian bank account may be easier than you think. You could even set up a bank account before you move to Australia. Working In recommends the following organizations.

Property in Australia : Once you have chosen where to live in Australia, your next challenge is to find a home to live in. The following articles will help you understand what is involved with buying property in Australia.

Success Stories : Read about the experiences of people who have successfully made to the move to Australia.

Transfer your pension : Get the best advice about transferring pension benefits to Australia.

Thinking of visiting Australia?

Find out about travel and tours in Australia and book accommodation online before you leave home.

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